Testing Update 0.4.5

It’s been to long since I updated the game, so i decided to upload my progress alongside the old update.

Major Changes:
-AI completely redone, the competitors create things after how they feel.
-UI has been changed in many places, some still missing changes.
-More efficient storage for CPU’s (Partly implemented, supposed to reduce CPU usage)
-Graphs and other minor additions/changes.


HT 18 Linux.zip 75 MB
Sep 04, 2018
HT 18 Mac.zip 82 MB
Sep 04, 2018
HT 18 Win.zip 73 MB
Sep 04, 2018

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Nice, I will be sure to test this

Update: UI looks realy nice, but I still can´t save.

Only way to save for now is to type Save/load in console, you can find binds for it in options.

Thanks for the information