Version 0.4.9 Progress Update

It's been a while!

So i though I'd share my progress on Version 0.4.9, It's going to be the last major update (and the biggest, again) for a while, since all the updates after it will be focused on adding content to the game.

What has been done so far in 0.4.9:

- Added support for more resolutions, e.g. no more Black-Bars at the borders when running aspect ratios other than 16:9, 0.4.9 Will have guaranteed support for 16:9 & 21:9, Although it can scale to more resolutions. (Though it's not guaranteed they will work flawlessly)

-Redid a bunch of menus (again), both to support resolution scaling and just make more use of the screen.

-Added Map Editor, you will be able to create custom maps and share them with others. The map style has changed too, the maps consist of "blocks" that can be manipulated. That being said you can also play on randomly generated maps.

-Added Weather, There are now both clouds and fog with more types to be added later, such as smog if you pollute too much!

-Files are now stored on your PC, meaning the browser version WON'T be supported in 0.4.9 and onward!

I also wanted to add a form of Data collection, to get information such as Hardware config, Avg. FPS and so on, but  that is gonna have to wait since i want this update out as fast as possible.

This is the map editor in its early state, It still has a ways to go.
At some point i want to add a way to place custom decals in it. (For amazing reasons that will be revealed at that time.)

And yes you can upload custom (Anime) Images, even GIFs to make your map more flashy.

That's all. Update coming this year. (Hopefully before December.)

Files 80 MB
Sep 30, 2018 89 MB
Sep 30, 2018 76 MB
Sep 30, 2018

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It's been 2 years?

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Can't use newer cores after researching them.

You can't mix'n match cores, you have to remove the old ones from the die first.

I removed all the cores and still no difference

Can  you replicate what you did, and provide a screenshot?

new maps detected

Yes, grass textures are replaced with anime faces

oh my gof I can make minecraft (aslo anime) I love this