Create Hardware & Compete!

In Hardware Tycoon! You're going to be creating Hardware like CPUs, GPUs ect.

Compete against other Companies. Research new technologies to get an advantage. Create products for different needs and markets and smoke your competition!

Game is still under development and a lot more features are planned, For now you can only create CPUs!

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Is the developer still working on this game?

Just started up the game and I see some problems:

1) Most buttons on menu screen don't do anything

2) When starting a new game every menu has atleast one button not working

The game has 2019 in the title so I expect this to be made by the person that made Hardware Tycoon.

This game literally becomes impossible an hour in. The competitors which magically come up with 1070 MHz processors when it's physically impossible to put enough pipelines to reach that. I filled the entire cpu with pipelines and the smallest sized core there is and i could only reach 840 Mhz. And this is ignoring the fact that you need to leave your cpu with a stability of 2.35% so you don't pass the 249 watt limit

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Also the competitors always stay at one core in their processors.

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Also you literally have to go into the negatives to be able to make your first cpu. There's only just enough money given for the essential buildings, and if you aren't paused and pay the upkeep costs you won't be able to afford all the buildings required  to make a cpu and get soft-locked for that game. I think adding a loan feature would be fine, and a game-over if you have a negative bank balance for say two months.

feels very unfinished looking forward to the next update


when is the new update comming? also i have an idea for next update: the amount of money you start whit is too low at least for me. i always bankroot.about 200K would be cool.

Hey i cant do anything. Like i can make a new game, but i cant start it.

can you help me out on that, please?


wdym? If youre in the menu did you make your names long enough, min 4 characters. If in-game did you try unpausing.


Pretty fun, looking forward to the next update.



The apple version does not open. I have a Catalina so It might just be because this game 32 bit but this computer can only run 64 bit games?

The mac version should be 64 bit

The HTML version works. I also have the same problem. 


Issues with exporting to linux and mac arent unheard of. and i cant really test for those since i dint have either.

Well, I can play the game, but the problem is the background is black. I tried the browser version and the download version but I still get the same results. Is there any solutions for this?

Did you give up the project? It hasn't had updates in almost two years.


Not yet, Ive changed a lot with the next version but Ive been to lazy recently to finish it.

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please finish it. ive ben waiting for sooooo long. nice work tho

wich version of this game is even "playable"? the browser version or the downloadable version?


Both should be playable, although some people have issues with texture sizes.


ah yea i see

the screen is black

when i finished loading in


Browser version or downloaded?

How do I get 150nm process? The competition has it but I can't find it on the tech tree.

Also, is there a way to add more than one part onto an architecture without clicking every time? Do I drag with a specific key pressed?


Adding more parts no. 

other processes and stuff yeah via console commands. There should be a devlog on gamejolt with all the commands.


Command list:

enable cheats (needed to change things like money and time)
set money
set month
set date
set year

override cpu tuning menu open (opens cpu tuning menu so you can create cpus without having an architecture)

override cpu tuning single core

override cpu tuning multi core

override cpu tuning node

override cpu tuning clockspeed

override cpu tuning cores

Commands that don’t require cheats

show fps overlay
hide fps overlay
main menu
objectcount benchmarkbar (for debugging purposes to see when the game gets laggy in the benchmark menu)
current fps

!!!!!! - If the command requires a numeric value like: “set money 2000” you need to type “set money” hit enter and then enter the value of whatever you need!!!!

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I changed a bunch of stuff but I don't know how to access them

You have to assign a keybinding (open console) in the settings menu. It works while you're playing, not on the main menu

Some of the changes occur, only when in the CPU creation menu. Other than that, I don't know what you're on about, so I don't know what to say

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For some reason I can't build any cpus. After I build my first architecture, I assign it to a factory but it doesn't make any cpus. Weird.

You need to build a warehouse to store them

game has alot going for it, shame i cannot pass the 1 GHz while competition can, like i can litterly not go over 1 GHz with only 1 core and the rest of the thing filled with the 1 MHz pipelines... (most effective). will keep from donating or anything untill the game is further in development. i can see alot of ambition! would be an amezing tycoon + design gameonce fully realised!

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Can I install this on my standard account? (ps I mean Windows 10 64 bit)


No, you need windows 98...


backwards compatibility time

I don't know if it's me being dumb but I've done everything for research. Somehow the competitors are getting 4 cores and 1Ghz and It's literally impossible to do that. 

Yes, there is alread a game named hardware tycoon


name this game Hardware Engineering Tycoon

Epic idea

How did you make the copy of the i7 2600k? Did you mod it?

I personally HET this idea...

When will you update it???


When will you update it???


Why is this named exactly as another (older) game (without 2019)? Please at least make an unique name. Good concept though (same as the another game).

Please take this as a critism not a hate, I like your work.

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How do i even build cpu's ive been trying to play and cant figure it out am i just stupid? also i placed a factory and made an arcitecture how do i link them?

The architectures dont have a texture in that version.  Just click on the blue box in the Architecture menu and you can make your CPUs.

No as in how do i start creating cpu's i made one architecture but i cant figure out how i get the cpu factory to make cpu's.

I can’t save a game. Is this a bug or has that not been added yet?

Not added in this version. You can only do it through console by typing "save" or "load"

Ok, thx

im playing the game in my browser on windows 10 and it says when i create a CPU THAT  the name is to short but i try and edit the name but its not working i also might not be doing the right thing either so theirs that too

There is a text box that says "Processor name" above extra features, put 1 character into it. You managed to get in game so text boxes should work.

oh and will try the rar version soon will edit

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hey, why is grass black and the game is performing weird

edit: game easy

It just doesn't not work...

The game does not work! I tried the browser version and the downloaded one for Windows...

Could you describe your issue and provide your PC specs, so I can look into why it happens?  You can do that directly in the Discord.

this game is just a black screen?


While its loading, yes.

not working

Wont even work on mac



Buy a pc

Why do you have a mac ?


Rude, mac could get more fps than your pc on minesweeper


Yeah, I don't think so pal

it won't load, I'm staring at a black screen

Try the Download version, its newer anyway. Although there will be another update tomorrow.

I tend to like simulation games and I am going to try this one out but I thought I might give you a heads up that there is another game on itchio called "Hardware Tycoon" it has been around for a bit longer you might want to rethink the name just a suggestion 

I'm fully aware of that. That's why its called Hardware Tycoon 2018  :)


wtf that's old, I bet they have Hardware Tycoon 2021 in China already


what a savage

Its HT! 2019 now.

It's Cool Btw.. Two maker of hardware tycoon is here (lol i replied after 2 year XD)

Also China have HT 2030 Now

you should make it hardware tycoon 2019



How to start

Your names need to be at least 4 characters.

When is the next update coming ?

Hopefully within a week

Amazing, thanks for the info

how do i select traits

You cant. they are not added yet 

The game concept is great, but the game itself has bugs: Can't select traits, map, etc; You can't stop the production if you set it to 0; Sales can stop unexpected; Sometimes even if you set the price more than production cost, profit goes negative; competitors make CPUs with no wattage; etc

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game needs, nothing loaded correctly. Kinda annoying cause your game looks awesome.


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